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Google Launches Maps Engine Lite

Google Launches Maps Engine Lite
Known for its user-friendly inventions, Google has gone up one step further to empower its users.

With Maps Engine Lite, any mapping enthusiast can create and share robust custom maps. Maps Engine Lite allows users to upload small spreadsheets with locations and visualize them on a map. They can also compare up to three different data sets for non-businesses purposes.

According to a report, "there are nine basemaps and about 150 point symbols. And you can draw your data on the map if you do not have a spreadsheet. You do not need programming skills to use Lite, but you do need a Google Account."

Google says that Google My Map can be brought into Lite for use and that in time My Maps will be fully merged into lite.

To help new users get started, Google also published a tutorial that offers a few sample data sets and a step-by-step guide to publishing a custom map.

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