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Apple iPhone 7 First Look

Apple iPhone 7 First Look
Apple's new iPhone is getting with good and faster processor, updated home button and will come with water and dust protection. Apple says the iPhone 7 home button is now force sensitive, so responses can differ based on how hard you press it. It's similar to what Apple has done with a track pad in a slimmer Mac Book model last year.

The new iPhone 7 will have stereo speakers (first time), with twice the volume of iPhone 6S speakers. The phone's battery life is also improved, Apple estimates that the iPhone 7 Plus will have an additional hour of battery life compared to the iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 7 Plus will have two cameras with different lenses that will boost the zoom capabilities of the camera. The camera can now zoom in up to 10 times the original size of the photo. Both the cameras take 12 mega pixel photos. The two lenses will also sense depth and allow users to blur backgrounds in images, mimicking an effect that typically requires changing the lens aperture in stand-alone cameras

Apple iPhone 7 First Look

Apple iPhone 7 Specifications

Display: 4.70-inch
Processor: quad-core
Front Camera: 7-megapixel
Resolution: 750x1334 pixels
OS: iOS 10
Rear Camera: 12-megapixel (iPhone 7 Plus will have two cameras)

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