Aug 9, 2012

E-learn from ICICI Direct for stock market entrants

E-learn from ICICI Direct for stock market entrants
ICICI Securities Ltd has launched E- Learn, a learning initiative which empowers consumers to make informed investment decisions.

"Lack of knowledge about investing is one of the biggest impediments for entering into the stock markets," said Vineet Arora, EVP and Head of Product & Distribution, ICICI Direct. E-learn aims to help investors overcome this hurdle.

Currently E-learn has two programs,'Gateway to Stock Investing' and 'Gateway to Futures & Options'. Gateway to Stock Investing is designed for beginners in the stock markets who want to get a practical understanding.

It starts with basic investing concepts, helps learner understand the process of stock selection and avoid common mistakes made in investing. Gateway to Futures & Options is designed for evolved investors who want to initiate their trading in derivatives.

E- Learn programs are hosted on a cloud basedlearning management system. This system helps learners to track their progress and do a self assessment on a regular basis.

E-Learn uses animations, real market case studies and simple language to make the learning a lasting experience. Even non ICICI direct customers can participate in these programmes.


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