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Pancharamalu - పంచారామాలు

Pancharamalu (Pancha=Five; Aaramalu=Living places)

These are one of the important Shiva peethas in South India.

These are situated in Andhra Pradesh. The five places include:
  1. Ksheeraraama at Palakollu.
  2. Amararaama at Amaravathi.
  3. Draksharaama at Draksharamam
  4. Kumararaama at Samalkot.
  5. Somaraama at Gunupudi Bhimavaram.
These five temples occupy a special place in Indian Temples of Lord Shiva.

The spiritual significance of these places is said based on different facts mentioned in varous puranas like Siva purana and Skanda purana.

One of the important facts about these places lies in their common origin. All the Shiva lingas in these five places have taken their origin from A single Linga that was worshipped and worn by Tarakasura who was a great shiva bhakta.

Location of Pancharamalu:
  1. Ksheeraamalingeswara Temple:
    District: West Godavari
    Town: Palakollu.
    Nearest Bus Station: Palakollu.
    Nearest Railway Station: Palakollu.

  2. Amaralingeswara Temple:
    : Guntur.
    Town: Amaravathi.
    Nearest Bus Station: Amaravathi.
    Nearest Railway Station: Guntur.

  3. Bhemeswara Swamy Temple:
    District: East Godavari.
    Town: Draksharamam.
    Nearest Bus Station: Draksharamam.
    Nearest Railway Station: Kakinada.
  4. Kumarabheemeswara Swamy Temple:
    District: East Godavari.
    Town: Samalkot.
    Nearest Bus Station: Samalkot.
    Nearest Railway Station: Samalkot.

  5. Someswara Swamy Temple:
    District: West Godavari.
    Town: Bhimavaram.
    Nearest Bus Station: Bhimavaram .
    Nearest Railway Station: Bhimavaram.

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