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Rebtel 2.0 free VoIP app now supports Android tablets

Just like Skype, Rebtel is a VoIP program that lets users call family and friends for free or cheaper than regular phone calls – via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, respectively – straight from their smart mobile device. And the company, which describes itself as the “world’s largest mobile VoIP company after Skype,” announced today the launch of its Rebtel 2.0 Android app that’s now customized to support Android tablets.

Rebtel is confident that Android tablets will “see significant increases in the next five years” and therefore its mobile product specifically optimized for Android tablet use will “benefit millions of users who are looking to offset costly international calling rates associated with their traditional service providers.”

The app has been available for Android devices, iOS and devices and PCs for a while now and here are its main features:

  • FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLS: from Rebtel to Rebtel app user (Android, iPhone, Blackberry or PC)
  • FREE LOCAL CALLS: avoid paying local minutes or long distance fares in your same country by calling over wifi or 3G
  • EXTREMELY CHEAP INTERNATIONAL CALLS: if you call a landline or someone who doesn’t use our app, rates are so cheap that you can call double the time than with your carrier (98% cheaper) to more than 200 countries*: from Nigeria or China to the Philippines, Mexico or the UK. You name it, we have it!
  • WE’RE HIGH QUALITY: Great voice quality regardless of which country and type of phone you call.
  • MAKE A CALL 5 SECONDS FROM NOW: simple sign up, we just need the number you want to use and you can call for free immediately. You have 5 free minutes to check out the service
  • NO NEED TO ADD BUDDIES: your address book is used automatically to connect with your contact, Rebtel behaves like a phone, if you have the number, you can call; no need to ask for approval or add anyone.
  • WORKS WITHOUT WIFI OR 3G: if you want to, you don’t need to be online, you can call via local minutes and still save a lot of money
  • NEVER HANG UP A CONVERSATION: Our revolutionary Keep Talking functionality means it’s possible to change the call connection type from WiFi or 3G* to a standard call using local minutes by pressing KeepTalking™ during an ongoing call. This allows you to never hang up an important call just because as you move, your Wifi or 3G* signal weakens.

In addition to adjusting the interface of its Android mobile app to take advantage of the bigger tablet display, Rebtel has also updated its app to offer 4G support. Readers, are you already using Rebtel or is Skype satisfying your VoIP needs?

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