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Galaxy S IV Smart scroll feature

Galaxy S IV Smart scroll feature
A recent New York Times report said that Samsung Galaxy S IV will track users’ eyes to scroll pages. Basically, according to the report, once your eyes reach the bottom of the page the phone will use the front camera to detect it and then automatically scroll down to the next few paragraphs.

Now Sammobile has confirmed that the Galaxy S IV will have the Smart scroll feature, along with ‘Smart Stay’, ‘Smart Pause’ and ‘Smart Rotation’ features.

The report is based on screenshots that were put up by

The screenshots confirms a new TouchWiz User Interface along with a quad-core processor, a 13-megapixel camera, but also states that this is likely to be an American variant of the smartphone and a eight-core processor device could be on its way.

According to the Israeli blog, the Smart pause feature will apparently pause a video if the phone detects that the user is no longer looking at the screen, while the Smart rotation feature ensures that the screen rotates only if the phone is held at an angle.

Meanwhile you can check out Samsung’s Preview video for the smartphone here:

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