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5 Reasons You Should Own A Tablet

Apple iOS and Google Android have brought remarkable surprises to us with their innovative titles. Compared to mobile like iPhone and multi-brand android smarthphones, which has played an indispensible role in our day-to-day life, tablets are apparently not that impressive for most people. But that’s not always the case. Here are 5 reasons why you should own a tablet.
5 Reasons You Should Own A Tablet
1. Larger display, better experience.
You may tell me that you can do nearly everything on your smartphone and purchasing a tablet is literally a waste of money. But do you really enjoy playing games and watching videos on a palm-size smartphone? I am afraid the answer is no. Typing words alone is less satisfactory on a smartphone keyboard, not to mention other activities. The longer you spend on a less-than-4.5-inch smartphone (regular size), the less comfortable you will feel. If you have ever used iPad or the popular Nexus 7, you will know what means brand-new experience.

2. More suitable for reading.
Smartphone is never designed for reading, however, it does make more and more guys suffer from serious eye strain. Customized reading modes do not make things better, either. The real solution is reading eBooks on a device suitable for reading. A 7-inch or larger display enables bookworms to read eBooks arbitrarily without placing eyes too close. Of course, the best option is black-and-white e-ink reader such as Kindle Paperwhite, while I personally do not recommend this since e-reading is not the exclusive entertainment for most people.

3. Better for office use.
You won’t hope to expose your private wallpaper of the smartphone in a working case while it will be impossible to avoid, if the smartphone is the only electronic device you possess. This exactly shows that tablet has become an essential tool for some people, especially for office clerks. It will be another embarrassing thing, if you can only rely on a handy small-size phone and introduce the new product line to your client during an appointment without any preparation. Tablets work well on formal occasions whereas smartphones are always personal items.

4. Portable than laptops
Laptops were initially created substitute for conventional computers, making it possible to take them from home to office / school. However, people have been increasingly unsatisfied with the portability of laptops, particularly since the arrival of ultrabooks. Apart from running professional applications such as Adobe Photoshop or CAD, we also play desktop games, watch videos and do other things on computer, which can be achieved on tablets very well. Most importantly, the size of a tablet is far more acceptable than a computer or laptop.

5. Make phone battery last longer
The last merit of tablets you may have ignored is that owning a tablet enables the mobile phone battery to last much longer. By spending more time on the tablet, you do not need to worry about the phone battery every day.

Guest Post by AdaWang: Ada Wang works for Epubor, which delivers eBook-related solutions to customers. In the meantime, she writesarticles concerning eBooks, eReaders and popular electronic gadgets for eBookConverter.

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