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Mario Invades His Brother's Dreams In 'Mario and Luigi: Dream Team' For 3DS

Is your body ready for another Mario RPG? During this morning's Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that "Mario & Luigi: Dream Team" will be heading to the 3DS this summer, complete with mustache pulling and Luigi sneezes!

The game sees Mario literally jumping into Luigi's dreams to battle multiple foes, while messing with Luigi's face to solve puzzles -- pull his mustache to make him flinch, or tickle noes to induce a Mushroom Kingdom-shaking sneeze.

Nintendo really didn't have a whole lot of info to share on this upcoming title, but they did confirm that it will be hitting 3DS sometime this summer, which really isn't too far away.

Nintendo said they'll have more to share regarding "Mario & Luigi: Dream Team" soon. In the meantime, take a gander at the screens below.

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