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Is Cell Tower Radiation Dangerous?

Cellphone Tower Exposure Overview

What happens when human population centers are flooded with massive amounts of powerful wireless microwave radiation? Nobody knows…yet.

But we will soon. Because you’re exposed to 100 million times more Electromagnetic radiation than your grandparents were, and cell towers are making that number grow exponentially. If you can make a call on your cellphone, then you’re in an area that’s saturated with cell site microwave radiation.

Some of the most powerful cell tower installations are on mountains and hilltops outside of urban areas. These EM fields have impacted humans, animals as well as the ecological balance. Studies of people and farm animals living around high voltage wires point to extreme hazards of living up up-close to a powerful electromagnetic field (EMF) - exhibiting everything from stress and sleep disorders to birth defects, cancer and Alzheimer’s. All cell site exposure risks.

EMFs from cell phone towers are impossible to escape, but you can protect yourself with laboratory-proven SafeSpace products. We’ll examine this problem and look at recommended SafeSpace solutions below.
Is Cell Tower Radiation Dangerous?

Body resonates with the earth's magnetic field at 10Hz

A Closer Look at Cell Tower Exposure

Cell towers (or cell sites) that hold antennas and other communications equipment. They flood the area for miles around with powerful high frequency radio waves (known as microwaves) to support the use of cellphones as well as Wi-Fi, WiMax, Wireless LANs, 802.11 networks, Bluetooth supported devices, and more.

Cell towers (known as mobile phone masts (Britain) or base stations) typically contain transmitter/receivers transceivers, control electronics, a GPS receiver for timing, digital signal processors as well as various types of electrical power sources.

These microwaves might travel for as few as 2 miles in hilly areas, and up to 45 miles where there are fewer obstructions, and of course, they easily penetrate brick and metal.
Other forms of cell towers include:

Radio masts - Smaller versions of cell towers, often seen on rooftops and billboards, typically installed 800-1300 feet apart.

Mobile towers - Sometimes installed on the tops of buildings. Mobile towers are also used where there have been natural disasters, or when large numbers of people are temporarily expected (i.e. a major sports event)

Mobile towers are especially dangerous because they emit microwaves at a frequency of 1900 MHz. Recent studies have shown that the intense radioactivity from mobile phone towers adversely impacts every biological organism within 1 square kilometer.

Fact About Cell Towers And Cell Sites

  • The International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry Worldwide estimates there are over 3 billion cell phone users.
  • In the U.S. alone, there are hundreds of thousands of cell phone towers.
  • If you type your address into to locate the current and planned towers within eight miles of you.
  • In the next year, the number of cell phone towers in the U.S. is expected to increase by a full 48%!
  • The dangers of microwave radiation from cell towers (as well as satellite dishes) is being examined and debated all over the world, but relatively little in the U.S

Health Dangers of Cell Towers (or Mobile Phone Masts)

The human body itself is electromagnetic (at a very low level—around 10 hertz). It’s been shown that each one of our cells has its own electromagnetic field (EMF). Maintaining balance in those cellular EMFs is critical to staying healthy.

Decades of studies have demonstrated that artificial frequencies higher than 10 hertz can create stress and serious health problems. (See cell tower radiation health effects)

Cellphone tower wavelengths, microwaves have a significantly higher frequency than even radio waves. The higher the frequency, the more powerful the wave—and the more powerful effect on biological organisms. (Recall a mobile tower emit microwaves at 1900 MHz.)

These higher energy waves can actually destroy chemical and molecular bonds, creating chaos in our basic biochemical structures. (See EMFs explained.)

The negative health effects of EMFs and microwave radiation are well documented. Studies have shown that EMFs can affect:

EMF Exposure Health Effects

  • Enzymes
  • DNA
  • Metabolism
  • Genes
  • Hormones
  • And more

Cell Tower Radiation Has Also Been Linked To:

  • Headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Low sperm count
  • Cancer, birth defects
  • Heart conditions
  • Alzheimer’s.

One of the problems is that this damage is cumulative in the tissues, and can take years, even decades to show up.

Protecting yourself from cellphone tower and wireless site radiation and EMFs

SafeSpace products: affordable, simple & proven

For most of the population, living and working in an area where there is no cell phone coverage and no cell towers is simply not an option, or at least not an attractive one. Luckily, SafeSpace Products actually convert harmful electromagnetic fields around you by setting up corrective resonances.

In other words, our innovative products interact with the dangerous fields and “add information” that brings balance to them, making them harmless for biological organs. Some people call this a harmonization effect.

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