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The App that Pays in So Many Ways

The App that Pays in So Many Ways

LivingApp is the first app of it's kind. It incorporates the power and performance of three global industries. With iLA the explosive Mobile App industry meets the content-rich Self Improvement industry and is promoted by the Affiliate Marketing industry. Each of these are Billion Dollar industries in their own right, and for the first time they are working hand in hand to change the world.

Anyone can take part in this ground breaking phenomenon and profit from the unprecedented growth of the mobile world. It's easy to get involved. There is no risk whatsoever. And you can reach new levels in your own life as you "Learn and Earn." We hope you'll consider joining us as we believe for GREAT things.

We have just begun our 90 day Pre-Launch period. The app is available for iOS, and as an all-compatible Web-App. Stay tuned as we fill the iLA vault with life-changing content from Personal and Professional Development experts from around the globe. Our Official Launch date is May 1st, 2013.

What is the Inspired Living Application?
  • A professionally produced, high-quality personal development application that will be available on smart phones, iPhones and other mobile devices.
  • For those who do not have these devices, it will be available on a PC.
  • Each week a video (approximately 9 minutes in length) will become available that will offer content that will be useful for personal development, goal setting, motivation, time management, enhancing leadership skills, business development, etc.
  • Each week when a new video is added, the previous video will then be available in an archive for viewing anytime.
  • This is the only application that PAYS you!
  • The application industry is huge and the Inspired Living Application is definitely a train to jump onto.
  • How many times do you see someone out in public with their face down looking at their smart phones? Or how about in restaurants. Do you ever see people engrossed in their iPads, etc.
  • The creators of the Inspired Living Application have set it up in such a way to do what no other application is doing. It is set up to pay you… and pay you in many ways.
  • Let’s take a further look into the Inspired Living Application.
Incentives For Referrals
  • Refer 3 people directly – get a 10% bonus match of their filled up matrix. $251.17 for each person adds up to an additional $753.51/month
  • Refer 6 people directly – get a 20% bonus match of their filled up matrix. $502.74 for each person adds up to an additional $3016.50/month
  • Refer 10 people directly – get a 40% bonus match of their filled up matrix. $1004.70 for each person adds up to an additional $10047.00/month.
  • All of this is in addition to the approximately $2500 I told you about earlier. So if someone puts in additional effort into promoting the Inspired Living Application their income potential is unlimited.

Who is Behind This?
The developer of the Inspired Living Application is John Marr CEO of Savage Apps. Who, by the way, has over 20 5-Star rated apps available in the App store.

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