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Blackberry Z10 Vs Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Apple iPhone5

The berry blast has spared no one in its explosion and hardcore non-BB loyalists too have accepted the wonder called the BlackBerry Z10 when it comes to multi-tasking. Now it’s time for the compare-game between the giants—Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone5—against BB’s low-light clicking quality.

We used each of these smartie’s shutters to snap away the statue of Assassin’s Creed –without flash or artificial light.

And viola—the result reveal the Finnish Lumia as the victor here. If you were hoping for BlackBerry to gain a runner’s up spot, you could be grossly disappointed that it took the last spot among all. This leaves no doubt that the BB Z10 is yet to emerge as the camera darling in the smartphone race but perhaps using flash in dark conditions could let you click a decent snap with it.

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