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Now, run Windows apps on Android using Wine

Now, run Windows apps on Android using Win
We have already seen many applications that help users run Android apps on Windows. Now the tables are about to turn. Wine, the popular software, which helps run Windows apps and software on Linux, is being ported to Google's Android platform.

Alexandre Julliard, the developer behind the Wine software project that enables running of native Windows applications on Linux and other non-Microsoft platforms, did a brief showing of Wine on Android after a talk at FOSDEM, the conference for free open-source software development, in Brussels, Phoronix reports.

According to the report, the performance was horrendously slow. Julliard attributed these problems to running the Android environment emulated rather than showing off the software's implementation from a bare metal device.

CodeWeavers, who employ Julliard, develops cross-platform apps and found success with their Wine-based CrossOver commercial software for Linux and Apple OS X.

The website also says that CodeWeavers is hopeful for the success of Intel x86 Atom CPUs for tablets, which would allow faster development of Wine for Android. Android gaining traction on x86-based tablets would give the developers tremendous potential for commercially pushing the running of Windows software on Android.

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