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8 Reasons You Should Vote for eBooks

The dispute between eBooks and paper books has been lasted for quite a long time. In the meantime, the fact is that more and more people have imperceptibly turned to eBooks, together with other forms of entertainments. As a product of information technology, eBook-reading will be an unalterable trend. Here are 8 reasons you should vote for eBooks.

1. Portability
One of the most obvious pros of eBooks is that they can be put on almost every mainstream electronic device, android phone or iPad, and make it easy to read on the ago, which is unquestionably a great thing for all book lovers.

2. Wire-less delivery.
For eBooks, we don’t need to wait for deliverymen or worry about the delay due to a variety of objective conditions. As long as there is internet connected, we can get purchased / free-offered eBooks downloaded within seconds.

3. Resources- conserving.
eBook-publishing is much less costly than paperbacks and hardcovers. No printing equipment, material or printer is required. Taken sustainable development into account, eBook is practically a marvelous creation.

4. Space-saving
We don’t have to prepare dedicated book shelves for eBooks. A tiny memory is able to hold thousands of eBooks and kept them permanently.

5. Easy-to-quote
It’s hard to quote paperbacks as we have to type in every word manually. On the contrary, eBooks inherently come in a computer-compatible form, which enables people to quote by copying and pasting.

6. Buy anytime
You may have ignored this pro of eBooks. Brick-and-mortal book stores are open during specific periods while eBooks can be purchased at any time out of the real-time control system adopted by large eBook stores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

7. Price
Well, some eBooks, especially technical titles, are indeed more expensive than paper books while far more eBooks come at much cheaper prices. It’s known that there are considerable eBooks free offered, which is absolutely impossible for paperbacks.

8. Easy for writing
eBooks have boomed the whole book market, as a result, a cloud of excellent self-published authors are springing up. You can also have a try once there is an inspiration. Use any editing program to edit your book and rely on eBook converting tools, such as Sigil and Epubor, to convert your content file to eBook format (EPUB, PDF or MOBI). The toughest part actually falls to the content, which decides whether your book will be a great hit or simply a spam.

Guest Post: Ada Wang works for Epubor, which deals with eBook-related tools & services, and contributes to eBookConverter as well.

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