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HTC Launches a Phone for Your Smartphone

While tech companies are fighting to develop bigger and bigger smartphones, HTC is taking a step in a new and interesting direction. The giant unveiled a surprising accessory – a phone for a smartphone.

The device is called HTC Mini and it is created for consumers who don’t really enjoy the new larger-screen trend. HTC Mini will function as a remote control for the smartphone it is connected to. In addition, it will support Bluetooth and NFC.

Also, the device will have the ability to control the camera shutters of the smartphone. In that way users will have the chance to take group or faraway photos with ease. In addition, HTC Mini will come with a Find My Phone option. In other words, it will transmit a signal to your smartphone which will make it beep whenever you lose it out of your sight.

Consumers can use the device to check their text messages or call logs and handle the smartphone’s basic calendar functions. HTC Mini will have simple monochrome screen. For now, the device can be paired only with HTC’s 5-inch Butterfly smart mobile phone.

However, in the future it may spread across more HTC smartphone models or even other electronic devices like tables, for example. While many agree that a remote that can control all of your smart devices is a good idea, some people believe that HTC Mini is not the gadget that will pave the way for that trend. The reason is that HTC’s remote control doesn’t come in a compact and easy-to-carry form. It is basically a hybrid between an old mobile phone and a remote control. Consumers already suggest that HTC should rework its shape and turn it into a wearable device like a watch, for instance.

But then, it may be better if we get a small device that combines the functions of various smart devices like phones, tablets and innovative music players.

HTC will first test HTC Mini on the Chines market. If the device achieves some success there, it may soon reach you.

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