Jul 4, 2012

Online shopping sites with cash on delivery

Online shopping today has literally taken over conventional shopping in India. More and more people are opting for shopping in the comfort of their homes rather than going to the market with large shopping bags in hand.

Online shopping would be more fulfilling and convenient if the “Cash on delivery” option is supported by the various e-commerce portals. Cash on delivery leads to more and more people opting for e-shopping.

But the sad aspect about online shopping is that various top e-commerce websites do not provide the option of Cash on delivery. These sites force people to pay either through their credit/debit cards, some e-commerce sites even force customers to create a PayPal account account through which they need to transfer money for the products they purchase online.

So, in order to make your online shopping experience more fulfilling, we provide below a list of online shopping sites that provide the cash on delivery option. You can purchase a wide range of products on these sites and also ensure that they reach you on time. In other words, all your shopping needs along with the cash on delivery is covered by these shopping sites.

IndiaPlaza: http://www.indiaplaza.com/cash-on-delivery/

Yebhi.com: http://www.yebhi.com/index.aspx

Site4shopping: http://site4shopping.com/

HomeShop18: http://www.homeshop18.com/

Retail Mart: http://www.retailmart.com/

The advantage that the above sites provide you apart from Cash-on-delivery is that you don't have to make online money transactions. You can test the product that you have ordered after it is delivered to you and if satisfied, you can make a cash payment.

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Anuj Sharma said...

COD has boosted the confidence of online shoppers.....people with cards have a easy life