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How to Recover your Lost or Stolen Digital Camera

Lost your favorite Digital camera, don’t worry now you can easily track your lost digital camera with Stolen Camera Finder website. There are so many way which allows you to find your lost mobile phone and track your stolen laptop. But Stolen Camera Finder is the only website which help you to find your stolen or lost Digital Camera . Stolen Camera Finder is easy to use website to recover your camera and doesn’t need any registration, it very simple to use and within a few minutes you can tract your stolen camera.

Guide to Find your Lost or Stolen Camera

Step 1: Visit the Stolen Camera Finder website to locate your lost camera.

Step 2: On the homepage of website you can see the drag and drop image area, here you have to drag a photo from your camera onto the waiting box, that you have last taken with your lost camera.

Step 3: Once you drop the JPG file on the drag and drop window, Stolen Camera Finder will search for any matches on the internet, using the image’s EXIF data. If they find anything related to your digital camera, you will see results on the same window.

Lost Camera Finder details
Remember one thing, the photo that you are using to search your stolen camera is must be non edited image, so it will be easy for the app to find your camera. Also if you camera does not support EXIF records, then this app is not useful for you, because the app work only with EXIF records. And yes one last thing your camera needs to be on the supported cameras list.

Do try the free web app to recover your lost or stolen camera and share your thought in the comments. The service is totally free and easy to use!

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