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Android Devices Get Offline Maps

It isn’t the news that Google belongs to one of the most innovative companies in the whole IT industry that is constantly trying to improve its services. Like it, or not, but despite all our preoccupation with a range of chances in its privacy policy, there have recently been offered a great deal of beneficial upgrades as well.

Have you heard the latest announcement? It is being said that Google have officially claimed the upcoming implementation of offline Google Maps for Android devices. This means, the lucky owners of Android phones and tablets will no longer suffer from inability to find the needed location without working Internet connection.

Obviously, the essentiality of the feature can’t really be overestimated. It now takes quite a lot of time to load a Google map you need, especially if you have poor Wi-Fi connection. If Google Maps become available in their offline mode, the situation will certainly improve to a considerable extent.

Certainly, you will still need to preload the maps you require to access them from your Android device, but it is far less annoying for sure.

The promised introduction of offline Google Maps for Android devices, as the company’s representatives, state, is just the first one is the upcoming range of innovative features, like Street View Tracker, for instance. Thus, we would probably have a lot of amusing and beneficial options at our disposal in the nearest future.

Moreover, such current focus on the upgrade of services doesn’t only concern Google, but other large IT enterprises as well. Among these, such grandees, as Facebook or 4shared, for example, are also constantly improving their functionality to satisfy their users’ tastes and preferences.

Awesome, isn’t it?

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