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5 Books That Changed My Life

Change comes in many forms. Millions of books have been written to help change any situation that you may find yourself in. You can go to the nearest library, bookstore or E-Reader and find a book that will give you all the self-help you desire. Throughout my lifetime I have been fortunate enough to come across some amazing books that have catapulted me from mediocrity to success in all aspects. Everyone should read books that can give them an edge to accomplish whatever goals they set for themselves. Whether they are personal or professional goals these books can help. Here are the 5 Books that changed my life.
  1. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent-Gary Keller -This excellent read is meant for anyone interested in Real Estate as a career. This is especially true for the novice Realtor. Written by Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty; this books gives you the steps to making millions as a real estate agent. When I read books, I’m looking for how easy or difficult it is to process the information. This book made that extremely easy for me. As a young agent this book gave me all the tools that I needed to be successful. Mr. Keller takes you on a journey of how to backward plan to meet your financial goals in the real estate business. He walks you through your circle of Have Mets which are people that you know and then how to branch out to others. My true testimony to this book is that I applied all of these processes while I worked in real estate and I became a top producer at my local Keller Williams office in my first year. When I went to work for them as a buyer’s agent, the first question asked was “Have you read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent?” Proudly, my response was “I’ve read it twice.” Anyone wanting success in this career field, this is the only book they need.

  2. The Five Love Languages-Gary Chapman -Want to change the direction of your relationship? Do you feel that you and your partner are not on the same wavelength? That is where I found myself in marriage and wanted to help make a change for the better. As I read this book, I realized that my spouse and I had different love languages. In order to be successful as a couple we needed to learn each other’s language and apply it. Words of Affirmation described the language that my spouse required. These words of support provided him with the validation he needed. They said to him that he was important and his contribution to my life and our family was relevant. That language spoke to his heart which opened it up to me. Our happiness was renewed as I became more aware of how this language positively impacted him. Acts of Service, strangely enough was my love language. After sharing this with him, he begin doing more around the house and asking me what I need him to do, which made me feel more important to him. In a nutshell, it made me feel loved. Who we were before this book and who we are now brings tears to my eyes.

  3. Think and Grow Rich-Napoleon Hill - It seems that this book should have been read by me 20 years ago. Inspiration came to me ten-fold as my fingers turned each page. Nothing has ever compelled me to action like this book. Napoleon Hill gives you a powerful formula to move to greatness in whatever endeavor you take on. The basic premise of this book is, what you believe is what you receive. My favorite part of the book is Mr. Hill’s challenge for you to write down the exact amount of money that you want to make and what you plan on doing to reach that amount. He causes you to immediately set goals for yourself and no matter what happens good or bad, not to waiver from those goals. That was an epiphany for me. Sometimes when things aren’t moving as you think they should; you scrap that idea and move on to the next. According to Mr. Hill, that is what separates the winners from the losers. He believes that for every failure there is a success waiting to happen. This small change in my mindset has caused me to shift my beliefs and my actions. No more giving up on what I believe in. Need that type of motivation and determination? This book will give you that and so much more.

  4. Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey - As a companion book to “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" this book give you daily reminders of how to improve your life. You are given daily insight into how to be more effective as a human being. This covers every part of your life. This little book can give you something significant to think about as you start out each day. Each reflection is a guide to keep you on the right path to becoming everything that you desire to be. Some of the most important insights for me are how to listen, freedom of choice, seizing the moment, and last but not least “Be here now.” These lessons are those that I will not soon forget as they have changed my life. This book has been moving me to action every day. One step at a time, I continue to evolve as a wife, mother, daughter, and human being. Is that not what we all strive for? Need a book to enlighten you to change your perspective and redirect your life. This book is waiting for you to pick it up and start changing your life today.

  5. The Four Hour Work Week-Tim Ferris - Stumble upon has brought two great things into my life. Info Barrel and this book are those two things. I found a blog called “The 40 Modern Non Fiction Books Everyone Should Read.” This book was on the list. Although I enjoy my chosen profession; my goal is to be able to travel and enjoy my life. Having no knowledge of who Tim Ferris was this book caught me by surprise. He gives you the tools needed to become successful on your terms. There is so much great information packed in this book that it reading twice still left me wanting more. He talks about how to outsource many of the daily routines of a business which frees up your time to do things you enjoy. Virtual Assistants was an unknown concept to me until I read this book. I have read many blogs since my initial introduction to this book where others are living this lifestyle thanks to this book. This has given me further inspiration. He gives you ideas about how to make passive income and things you shouldn’t waste your time on. Escaping the 9 to 5 is probably on most Americans to do list. He shows you the way and for that I am grateful. Mini-retirements and working in spurts is very appealing to me. Making passive income and not worrying about the state of the economy should spark everyone’s fire. Want to get out of the Rat Race? Here is the map to freedom.

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