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The 4 Basic Principles in Writing for the World (Wide Web)

1. Your blog is not your diary so do not write about yourself: You must not make yourself the subject or you will be pulling your readers inside the awkward zone. People will never appreciate a self-centered article unless you really are famous and/or what will write is a testimony, a success story or anything of those kinds.

2. Show out and write with yourself: Ironical to the first, you must write out of yourself. This means that you must write with what you already know. If your forte is music, you can write about something like ‘new generation pop’. You must put your whole heart into what you are writing. The readers can easily distinguish an article written with the author’s compassion from an article written for the sake of writing contents. Keep in this track to survive this profession. You are not writing because you need to write, you are writing because you want to write (like what I have emphasized earlier.) Readers’ satisfaction is rest assured when you yourself feel satisfied with what you have written. You must never pretend or force yourself to like what you are writing. If done so, accuracy of the article can be lost. Boredom will invoke you to sooner or later give up.

3. You are not writing a review: Write to inform new ideas. Never write what many bloggers have obviously written before. Readers wouldn’t want to read the same subject over and over again. You can always find new and relevant ideas as any field goes through constant evolution. Also, this is a way to avoid competitors. You can never stand up against magnificently written articles. You can always check an idea with Google so as to be sure that your article will not be just an addition to a thousand.

4. Your readers are your friends and not your clients: Always keep in mind as you write, that online readers don’t want dead air. Readers are less patient when given a blog to read when compared to the way you the would read a newspaper feature. The fact is, online readers can always press the back button and search for another author with the same article who would treat them right so you must befriend your readers at all cost. Establish the right rapport that you may impress. The quotation “write to express” is never too applicable in blogging. You are writing to impress. Never be too gloomy or you’d just bore your readers. Also, be two-sided in an argument so that the readers will feel that you are in their shoes. At all times, never intimidate your readers by directly referring them to a characteristic. With everything you write, try to foresee what impression would it make to your audience. You can always check an idea with Google so as to be sure that your article will not be just an addition to a thousand.

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