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HTC Sensation Launched In India

The Samsung Galaxy S II was launched some days ago in India right after the iPhone 4 was launched, which not surprisingly, spoiled the iPhone 4's party a bit. If there ever was a competitor to the World's best smartphone, it has to be the HTC Sensation, well at least that's what the general consensus has been. And now, an online retailer has surprised us all by listing the HTC Sensation on its site. Could this be an error on the retailer's part? We're not sure, and it seems very unlikely since they've given out the pricing details of the device as well. The device apparently will be priced at Rs.30,699. However, the interesting part is that the device will cost Rs.300 lesser than the Galaxy S II. We're not surprised, but what would a regular buyer pick, the Sensation or the Galaxy S II?

Well, the Sensation comes with Sense UI 3.0, which is the latest iteration of the Sense UI. HTC is known for having one of the best user interfaces in its handsets. It has been working out pretty well for HTC since quite some time. But the Galaxy S II doesn't have a fancy UI; it comes with the TouchWiz UI 4.0, which incidentally is the latest version of TouchWiz. In terms of user interface, HTC takes full marks. It's the performance aspect of the Galaxy S II, where it wins over absolutely any given handset in the market.

Processor wise, both the Sensation and the Galaxy S II feature dual-core processors clocked at 1.2 GHz each. But that doesn't mean that the two have matching speeds and performance. Sensation runs on the third generation Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, while Samsung's Exynos chip is currently the processor to beat. If we go by mere benchmarks, the Exynos chip in the Galaxy S II outruns the third generation Snapdragon processor by a fair margin. But that's possibly the only difference between the two and a very decisive one to be honest.

If you are looking for a phone merely for its usability and looks, then the HTC Sensation with its stylish unibody design and the typical HTC form factor is the best pick for you. Additionally, it sports a qHD resolution (540x960) screen. That being said, if you're looking for sheer performance on your device and don't pay too much heed to looks, then Galaxy S II is just the right device for you. We can't forget to mention the ever so remarkable Super AMOLED Plus display, which improves viewing experience considerably, and ultra slim form factor with a very light body. Both the handsets run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

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