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Norton Launches Internet Security, AntiVirus 2011

After announcing the beta version more than 4 months ago, Norton has launched the Internet Security 2011 and Norton Antivirus 2011. Norton has also launched new free tools for which you don't even need to buy the security solutions from Norton. The new application launch includes Norton Power Eraser, which is designed to remove the increasingly common fake antivirus malware.

The new features for Norton's 2011 product lineup include new reputation-based detection technology. This technology will check a downloaded file to see if it can be trusted, based on whether it's a known download from a known company. Another new features include bolstered behavioral malware detection and new system performance monitoring tools.

Norton Power Eraser is a new freebie tool designed to detect so-called fake antivirus malware--malware that looks like garden variety antivirus software and tried to coerce you into paying for "full" versions of the software that do nothing at all. Also new is Norton's Bootable Recovery Tool, a tool of last resort for when your PC is so hosed by malware that it won't start up, or your antivirus software won't even work properly. The Bootable Recovery Tool is a free download, but you need to enter a Norton product key in order to use it.

The Norton Internet Security 2011 is priced at Rs. 2,530 for a three PC license, while the single PC license is for Rs. 1,220. The Norton Antivirus 2011 is priced at Rs. 2,090 for a three PC license and Rs. 999 for a single PC license.

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