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Mastering ASP.NET Core Security

Mastering ASP.NET Core Security

Security is important and we all know it. But due to its implementation complexity, security is usually put off to the end of the development cycle, and sometimes even neglected. 

So make sure your application is secure and tight, and make use of the mechanisms ASP.NET Core provides. 

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What's included? 

  • Mastering ASP.NET Core Security - With IdentityServer4, OpenID 
  • Connect, OAuth2 and ASP.NET Core Identity for User Management 
  • Full Source Code 
  • 1 Year of Updates 

Topics that book covers:

  • Introduction to basic security concepts and IdentityServer4 
  • Securing web applications with authorization and claims 
  • Creating Security Policies 
  • Handling Token Expiration
  • Integrating Microsoft Identity with IdentityServer4 
  • Mechanisms such as User Registration, Password Reset, Email 
  • Confirmation, User Lockout, Two-Step Verification... 
  • Using external providers with Microsoft Identity and IdentityServer4

The full table of contents can be viewed here.

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