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Google Announced Pixel Buds 2nd Gen

In October hardware event, Google announced its 2nd generation Pixel Buds. The new Pixel Buds have a re-engineered fit and are true wireless earbuds. The new Pixel Buds come in a rounder, egg-shaped case.

Google says with the new Pixel Buds "the experience comes to you." Hands-free access to Google Assistant means you don’t have to turn to your phone. Just say "Hey Google" to ask Assistant for whatever you need, and then you can resume what you were doing.

The Pixel Buds long-range Bluetooth connection makes it so they can be used even when your phone isn’t with you.

The Pixel Buds pair with your Pixel phone and other Android 6.0+ devices with a single tap, and they can also pair with Bluetooth 4.0+ laptops, tablets, and iOS devices.

The updated Google Pixel Buds will be available next year.

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