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Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

Samsung Galaxy S8 is come with an Iris scanner, which made its debut in Galaxy Note 7. The Iris scanner this time is said to come as a part of the front-facing camera. The smartphones are also said to feature heat pipes to keep it cool. Seems the company has learnt its lesson from Note 7 fiasco.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features
As per latest reports, the fingerprint sensor in the smartphone is placed at the back. Also, the front panel has around 90% screen to body ration with minimal bezels on top and bottom.

As mentioned above too, Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones are said to come in two versions based on the screen size. Rumoured screen sizes are 5.5" and 6.2". Both, however, are said to dual-curved display and sport the same QHD resolution. There might not be a flat-screen version.

Like many of the previous versions of the smartphone, S8 too may have two variants based different processors. While select regions may get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor version, other regions (including India) may get the device powered by the company's own Exynos SoC. As per Latest reports the RAM capacity to be limited to 4GB instead of 6GB or 8GB.

Although preliminary reports suggested a dual-rear camera setup, latest leaks shows a single 12MP rear camera. Incidentally, Samsung is the only major tech company that has so far not introduced dual-rear camera in its smartphone. On the front, it is expected to have an 8MP camera. The company's Apple Siri rival, said to be called Bixby digital assistant, could come baked in the cameras. The camera interface is said to have a dedicated button to activate the AI and OCR functionality. The front facing camera is rumoured to feature an Iris Scanner in the same module.

It is for sure that the Galaxy S8 will come with the same OS version out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to come in two variants, based on screen sizes  5.5" and 6.2". However, unlike the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, the Galaxy S8 smartphone(s) may come with dual-curved screen design.

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