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Super Mario Run Launches Today on iPhone

Super Mario Run Launches Today on iPhone
Super Mario Run finally launched and will be available in 151 countries as of today, i.e December 15 2016. The game is based on the classic Super Mario Bros and allows for one-handed game play as well as a battle mode where one can compete with their friends.

Mario is a side scrolling action/adventure game that was launched for the first time on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). It went to capture the hearts of millions and became the sole reason for many for buying Nintendo Game consoles.

MES has been very stubborn about releasing their games on different platforms, especially smartphones but it finally relented earlier this year and now we have the end result with us.

The game comes in three game modes, out which one will be free to try.
Want to play the whole game? You will have to shell out some big bucks, 9.99 dollars to be precise. While 620 rupees is a lot of money, it will be worth paying that amount in order to finally experience Mario on your mobile device.

While the game is an iOS exclusive as of now, NES has reportedly confirmed that the game will be coming to Android a short while after it arrives on the App Store.

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