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Pawan Kalyan Answers on his Third Marriage

Pawan Kalyan Answers on his Third Marriage
India Today: There are a lot of stories in magazines about your personal life, Can you tell us about them?

Pawan Kalyan: Its personal matter, I think, it should be kept personal. It won’t look good to reveal such things.

India Today: What kind of clothes your prefer?

Pawan Kalyan: I like to wear Jeans and I love to wear Pancha and dovathi also. I don’t concentrate much on clothes.

India Today: How is your relationship with your brothers? There is buzz that you have some differences with them.

Pawan Kalyan: I have good relations with my brothers. My big brother is like my Guru and my other brother is like my friend. I even love my sisters. Nothing more to tell.

India Today: Bangaram movie director Dharani had a clash with you on the sets ?

Pawan Kalyan: Those are all just rumours, I reacted in my normal way. I and Darani were discussing in a serious way and without knowing, rumours started surrounding. During Tammudu shooting in a studio in Hyderabad, some guys started teasing heroine Preity Jingyani and I had to teach them a lesson.

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