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Sahasam Movie Review Highlights

Sahasam Movie Review Highlights
Sahasam Telugu movie review highlights: Gopichand is teaming up with Chandrasekhar Yeleti for the second time after Okkadunnadu. The actor, who is desperate for success, is paired opposite Taapsee in the action adventure film. Let’s check out Sahasam Telugu movie review

Story: Gopichand plays an ATM security guard who dreams of making it big one day. He is thrilled to discover that he owns some family property in Pakistan and goes across the border to stake claim to his right and soon gets embroiled in a treasure hunt. But he has to fend off from the local militia. The rest of the film is about the hero’s journey to find out clues, solving them, going through maps, etc to discover and get his property back. Will he succeed?

Sahasam Movie Review Highlights:

  • Gopichand who essays the role of Goutham, has done an excellent job. The lanky actor has delivered a good performance, particularly in the action episodes.
  • Although, there’s no great variation in Gopichand’s dialogue modulation, but the actor seems to carry his character with an ease.
  • A few scenes in the film are quite brilliant and Chandrasekhar Yeleti excels in showing technical finesse in shot making. He once again proved himself as the director with great-technical-shot-making ability.
  • The film initially establishes the characters, then slowly unveils the mystery and the nexus among the lead characters in a logical way.
  • Unlike her glam roles, Taapsee will be seen playing a devotional young woman.
  • Bollywood’s ‘bad man’ Shakti Kapoor is the show stealer. He looks superb in the role of terrorist Sultan and comes with a commanding performance.
  • The interval sequence and climax episodes have been shot well.
  • Cameraman Shyamdat was able to capture the picturesque locales of Ladakh, where the set was erected to get the required Pakistani ambiance.
  • For an adventurous script, the tempo and emotions should run high but the film lacks the required trigger. As a result, it fails to draw the audience attention.
  • The director could not engage the audience as the screenplay wasn’t gripping but the narration style could save the film
  • Chandrasekhar Yeleti needs to be applauded for his tryst of an adventurous film — something that’s unique in Telugu films.

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