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Elago G7 Breathe case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Elago G7 Breathe case for Samsung Galaxy S4
Continuing its tradition of designing accessories for the Samsung Galaxy family of smartphones, the California based manufacturer Elago released a trio of protective cases for the Galaxy S4. Out of the bunch, I managed to spend quality time with the Elago G7 Breathe case. The cover is designed to offer basic protection for the smartphone, as well as (arguably) enhance its appearance.

This is not my first experience with Elago products. Over the years, the company has established itself firmly on the market by offering products which pack great bang for the buck. At a quick glance, the Elago G7 Breathe case looks like no exception from the norm. Read on to find out if it is worth your consideration!

Being a slim case, the Elago G7 Breathe complements the svelte Samsung Galaxy S4 quite well. The cover protects all four corners of the smartphone, but leaves its front top and bottom edges exposed. A slight protrusion around the camera on the back, keeps it from damage should the smartphone falls on its back.

Users should still be careful about dropping their handset – the Elago G7 Breathe is certainly not a rugged case. As far as casual scratches and desk diving goes however, it has you covered.

The Elago G7 Breathe case looks and feels great in the flesh. The perforated design adds a welcome dash of character to an otherwise run of the mill concept used for the case. All Elago cases are manufactured in Korea, so the overall quality and finish of the G7 Breathe cover are definitely up to snuff.

Overall ergonomics are impressive. The Elago G7 Breathe case fits perfectly on the Samsung Galaxy S4 – the tailoring leaves nothing to be desired. The cover offers easy access to all buttons and ports of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Elago charges $24.99 for the G7 Breathe case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in its official online store. The cover is bundled with a screen protector and cleaning cloth.

However, the manufacturer’s own Amazon store will sell you the case for only $9.99 without the screen protector and the cleaning cloth. The solid, non-perforated version costs a dollar less and offers similar ergonomics. This makes the Elago G7 Breathe case a massively attractive proposition.

As far as sub-$10 cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 go, the Elago G7 Breathe case should be on top of everyone’s list. With a combination of good looks and commendable ergonomics, the G7 series of cases punch well above their price range and further cement the California based manufacturer’s reputation for providing fantastic value for the money.

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