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10 Steps to a healthier Heart

10 Steps to a healthier Heart
  1. Eat Healthy: Keep a check on your consumption of junk food. Make sure that your diet contains adequate vegetables, fruits and whole grains along with a small amount of oil and legumes (beans, peas, white lentils, chickpeas etc.).
  2. Maintain healthy body weight: Healthy weight is important for overall well being. Obesity is responsible for many health problems like various heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. BMI (Body Mass Index – a measure of body fat based on height and weight) between 20 to 25 is considered ideal.
  3. Practice yoga, meditate or exercise: Try implementing one of these practices to enhance your heart health. Exercise improves your heart rate while yoga and meditation help ease stress.
  4. Be active: If you are unable to exercise regularly, try to be active throughout the day. Take the stairs instead of lift, mop the floor or try walking instead of using your vehicle for short distances.
  5. Quit smoking and alcohol: Everyone who consumes alcohol or smokes should be aware of the damages that is causes to their heart. Cutting down on cigarettes or alcohol may be tough, but killing oneself is not a smart choice either.
  6. Manage stress levels: Share your problems and talk to friends, socialise, slow down a bit and take a break. Enjoying your life to the fullest is the best way to keep your heart healthy and agile.
  7. Check your family history: Having a family history of heart problems can increase your risk of having cardiovascular disease. It is advisable for you to take precautionary measures to maintain good health.
  8. Get adequate sleep: Lack of sleep worsens blood pressure, cholesterol levels and increases stress levels, which raises the level of inflammation in your body leading to increased risk of heart-related problems. A sleep of 7 to 9 hours each night will help your heart stay healthy.
  9. Get regular health screening: Regular health check-ups can help find problems before they start and thus help you take the right steps for a better life.
  10. Laugh out loud and be happy: Laughter is indeed the best medicine for your heart. Laughing for just 15 minutes daily can boost blood flow by 22% and prevent arteries from hardening. Being happy is the ultimate mantra to a health heart.

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