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Samsung Galaxy S4: the best smartphone for reading

Samsung Galaxy S4: the best smartphone for reading
For a long time, Samsung Galaxy models have not been as eye-catching as iPhone serials in the smartphone world. However, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 has unexpectedly acquired remarkable interest from the public with the rumored 8-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, especially the amazing eye scrolling technology, probably making it the first smartphone to have this technology when it comes to reading.

Smartphones with superb hardware always leave a deep impression on buyers at first glance, but breakthrough technology and innovation in software is playing an increasingly significant role in the market filled with excellent devices. Obviously, Samsung is trying to surpass its peers in this way.

According to the NY Times, a person who has tested a prototype phone remarked that Samsung Galaxy S4 would deliver a special “Eye scrolling” function, which is designed to track eye movements and decide on how to scroll the current page automatically. When the eyes move to the bottom of a page, the next paragraph will automatically come up. This behavior will unquestionably make the device even smarter by taking extra visual control instead of exclusive touch control or limited voice control into account.

In January of this year, Samsung registered a trademark named “Eye Scroll” in Europe. Later in February, it applied for a second trademark in the US, “Samsung Eye Scroll”, for screen scrolling on mobile devices (mobile phones / smartphones / tablets) by using some computer application based on the movements of eyeballs. Samsung has even submitted a third trademark application for “Eye Pause”, but has not yet explained what it is used for.

In fact, this is not a brand new feature for Samsung patrons because there has already been a similar function available, known as “Smart stay”. The front-facing camera in Galaxy 3 is able to auto detect the eye movements. If the scene that the eyes keep staying on the screen is detected, the default screen lock function will be closed automatically without having to manually tap the display at regular intervals. I myself have to do so every 30 minutes (maximum) when reading on my HTC, which is indeed troublesome. Thus this feature will be especially engaging for those who are fond of reading or browse the web a lot.

Compared to other smartphones with marvelous tech specs, I am inclined to believe that most users will place more emphasis on how much practicality and flexibility a phone will bring to them. We are seeing more rumors about the hardware specs for the S4 and it should be at the leading edge of technology when it is released.

Guest Post by AdaWang: Ada Wang works for Epubor, which delivers eBook-related solutions to customers. In the meantime, she writes articles concerning eBooks, eReaders and popular gadgets for eBookConverter.

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