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Android 4.2.2 Features

Android 4.2.2 FeaturesWhen Google announced the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update, it did not really mention as to what would the update bring with it to the users.

Google has now updated the official changelog regarding the update and the users can now see the list of features that the latest update brings to their Android powered devices. The update is available for Nexus devices only as of now but other devices who are due for a Jelly Bean update shall get it soon enough as well.

The update includes, a magnifier feature which enables users to tap three times on the screen to get a full screen magnification experience. Then there is a power menu which will let you use the 'TalkBack' which is essentially an Android screenreader.

The camera also gets updated and brings with it a 'High Dynamic Range Mode' that will widen the exposure range of the camera to let you capture all those fine details in the pictures. The much hyped PhotoSphere feature also makes its way to the devices through the update.

That is not all. Google has made sure it is quite an extensive update and has included full HDMI mirroring functionality that will provide you with a support for notifications and the multi-display feature as well. Android 4.2 also brings to you the Gesture Keyboard which is an altogether new feature and it will let you glide over the letters when typing and also predict what you intend on writing.

The Gmail gets updated as well with a lot more functionality on offer now.

The Calendar is improved and can be displayed as a widget on the home screens of tablets as well as on the smartphones.

The Voice Search lets you add or remove appointments in from calendar and the applications and can be launched as well with the help of the added feature.

The new features with the Android 4.2.2 update and the interface improvements are a step in the right direction to take over the market share from Apple and Microsoft.

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