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iPhone5 vs BlackBerry Z10

iPhone5 vs BlackBerry Z10
Since the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone was introduced earlier this week, consumer and tech experts garnered more interest in the new gadget, thanks to a few improved features. Despite all the interest, all most people want to know is: how does the BlackBerryZ10 compare to the iPhone5. Which smartphone is a better buy?

Surprisingly, BlackBerry’s new phone has a slightly larger display than the display on iPhone5. The new device also has a sharper display, thanks to it’s 355 ppi feature, which is comparable to the 326 ppi feature on Apple’s flagship phone.

The BlackBerry Z10 also has BBM Video Chat, their answer to FaceTime on Apple. For the first time, BlackBerry users will be able to hold video chats right on their smartphones. That in itself is sure to make the new smartphone more desirable.

Both phones have cameras with equal megapixel count. Unfortunately, there are no photos taken from the new smartphone yet, so there is no way to offer a fair comparison. It’s still hard to imagine the BlackBerry Z10 camera ousting the iPhone5 camera.

Since the new phone doesn’t feature the traditional QWERTY keyboard as it’s a touchscreen model with word prediction feature, which predicts the word you may be trying to spell as you type each letter in. Unlike similar features on other smartphones, this one supposedly uses heat-mapping technology which “learns” of your typing and views your typing patterns every time you hit a key. This is to prevent typos.

Despite the semi-improved features on the BlackBerry Z10, there is still no word on whether the new smartphone will be a success or not. The iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S III are currently leading the smartphone market with strong sales. It’s going to take more than an improved phone to rank up with competition.

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