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Government to Price Aakash Tablet at Rs 1500

The ground-breaking Aakash tablet aimed at the poor Indian and college students will be nominally priced in the market.

Kapil Sibal has decided to offer the Aakash Tablet at less than Rs 1500 making sure that most school and college going kids can afford it. Datawind, the maker of the tablet sells it to the government at a little over Rs 2000 per piece. However, post subsidy, the government plans to make the tablets available to college students between Rs 1300 to Rs 1500 per tablet.

“Each student must have a Aakash in his/her hand so that they can see the world with it," Sibal said at a function New Delhi.

Kapil Sibal also stressed on the need for advanced gadgets and technology at affordable tablets in the country. "I want a wrist watch, which will video graph, which will set up an alarm, which will call up dedicated lines. Let’s have a GPS system and let’s produce this for less than Rs. 1,000 for the citizens of our country for their safety," Sibal said.

While the government might be stressing on cheaper tech, the quality of the budget gadgets needs to be improved, too.

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