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5 Tips for eBook-reading

eBook-reading is an easy job to some extent, as we can get free & good eBooks from torrent sites within seconds and then read on a handy device, such a mobile. However, if you have fall in love with eBook-reading, following tips below will be of great importance, which enables you to enjoy eBooks in an efficient and less troublesome way.

1. Make full use of Calibre

Every time I write eBook-related post, I will unwittingly refer to Calibre since it’s indeed a useful tool for readers, which can be used not only to convert eBook formats but also to transfer eBooks, edit book info, subscribe to RSS, compare prices and so on. It has helped tons of readers, as far as eBook-conversion concerned.

2. Subscribe to free-eBook-download sites

Perhaps you don’t have much time to go to eBook-related sites on a regular basis, then subscription to free-eBook-download sites will bring you a lot of convenience. Daily Free Books and BookBub are good sites which recommend free Amazon Kindle eBooks together with free EPUB titles. As Amazon eBook store offers considerable free eBooks every day, there are sites especially offering free Kindle books with high quality.

3. Never miss eBook-related activities on social communities.

Folks are always inclined to share their personal experiences about eBooks, including download links for good books (free) on social communities (Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.). As an avid reader, you can’t miss this chance! In the meantime, writing a book review and sharing with your friends will be great if you have come across a good title. Interaction is sometimes as funny as reading itself!

4. Keep a PDF version for all your books.

Generally, EPUB and Kindle MOBI formats are more readable formats than PDF. However, PDF is actually the format supported on most devices & OS. EPUB and Kindle books are well supported on popular android and IOS devices while traditional devices, such as Nokia phone, only support PDF files. Thus it will be an advisable behavior if you convert your Kindle (EPUB) books to PDF and keep a PDF version for all your eBooks. You can read your eBooks on the most changeable gadgets in this way.

5. Unlock your DRM-protected eBooks

You may have heard that due to the termination of services from eBook publishers (such as Mobipocket), some people lost their access to all purchased eBook titles. Consequently, the only way to keep your books forever is to unlock your purchased DRM-protected eBooks and make them DRM free. This seems to be illegal, nevertheless, it will be OK if you only do this for yourself without any commercial purposes. Professional DRM removing tools are ePubee and EPUBOR DRM removal titles.

Guest Post by AdaWang: Ada Wang works for Epubor, which delivers eBook-related solutions to customers. In the meantime, she writesarticles concerning eBooks, eReaders and popular electronic gadgets for eBookConverter.

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