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Samsung ‘confirms’ Galaxy S IV screen size

Samsung ‘confirms’ Galaxy S IV screen size
The recently-concluded Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas saw Samsung boasting of latest in TV technology: TV which 'kills' remote, curved TVs and lots of other exciting innovations it plans to bring to the space. However, the company had little to offer to its smartphone lovers.

However, a closer inspection of Samsung's booth at CES reveals that the company inadvertently gave away the screen size and other details of the display it plans to use in its upcoming smartphone Samsung Galaxy S IV.

A report on technology blog AnadTech says that a section at Samsung's booth had a listing showing the evolution of the AMOLED displays developed by the company. Not only did this include the screens used in the flagship devices like Galaxy S, S II and S III, but also the one widely expected to be used in the upcoming Galaxy S IV.

According to the report, Galaxy S IV will feature a 4.99-inch SuperAMOLED display that has 440ppi pixel density and can handle Full HD (1080p) videos playing. It has long been speculated that the South Korean smartphone maker's next flagship device will feature a 4.99-inch screen, just shy of the phablet category of 5-inch screens.

The post continued, saying that Samsung has used a new material in the AMOLED screen that helps the display consume 25% less power. This display will also have a low-power mode that will result in as much as 47% power saving, helping the device run longer on a leaner battery. According to the blog post, the all-new screen will be launched in Q1 2013.

Galaxy S IV is expected to run on a quad-core processor clocked at 2GHz, 2GB RAM, 13MP rear camera. It is said that the upcoming phone's screen will be unbreakable and bendable, as demonstrated with the Youm display at CES 2013.

Companies like Sony, ZTE, HTC, Huawei etc already have phones with 5-inch screens that support full-HD videos, but only a few have pixel density as high as 441p. However, no screen in the market currently can be bent during manufacturing or be impervious to breakage.

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  1. Galaxy SIII was for Humans and SIV is for Apes who like to Bend Screens. :D