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10 Tips to Promote eBooks

Increasing numbers of people today get hooked on self-publishing while promoting eBooks makes things a bit tough. Content plays a vital role, however, you have to firstly promote your books and make the world know their existence. Here are 10 tips to help maximize your eBook launch.

1. Promote on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest)
You must have had followers in your social circles. Share posts with the downloadable link of your eBooks right away! Keep active on social network and interact with your audience. Perhaps there will be folks asking for a sample!

Check what Mary Theriot has done on Google Plus!

promote eBooks - share

2. Participate in forums
Go to eBook-related forums and look for inspiration. Talk about your baby and give the link at the right time. Perhaps you will meet some like-minded folks there. Never go to forums with obvious promotion intention. People would love to help whereas over-promoting is generally deemed as spam.

3. Promote on Q&A sites like yahoo answers.
Many self-published authors like to go to Yahoo Answers and ask people to pay attention to their newly published eBooks, which seems less useful but worth a try. There are also many readers looking for good eBooks and you can recommend your book in this case.

4. Submit to top bookmarking sites like reddit
People usually share and get funny & useful stuff on bookmarking sites. Top bookmarking sites include reddit, StumbleUpon and Pinterest, which will be of help more or less.

5. Go to eBook promoting sites.
There are quite a few sites helping authors to promote their eBooks, such as Addicted to eBooks and Books on Board. Check the 20 sites for self-publishing eBooks promotion.

6. Set up your own site and add a link for your book.
Remember to add a link for your eBook on your personal site. If you haven’t got an official site yet, set up one for yourself. It doesn’t need to be very professional but offers a platform to let your stuff, especially links permanent and accessible.

7. Make it free for a limited period.
You can set the book at a price of $0 for a limited period, say a week, if you please. People are always willing to share free stuff and it’s a good chance to bring your content to a larger group.

An alternative is to offer a free sample and look for eBook-related sites to promote for you.

promote eBooks - free chapter

8. Guest post
You can try to write guest posts for your eBook specially. It would be better if your book is free-offered at that time. Get contacted with eBook-related blogs firstly and compose a striking post for the public!

9. Making a video for your eBooks.
Compared to dull texts, pictures and videos with providential background music are apparently more popular. It’s likely that people spend minutes on your YouTube video unwittingly and develop a sudden interest in the plot. Don’t forget to leave several seconds for the link of your book at the end of the video thus people won’t miss the link.

10. Elaborate a presentation.
Creating a presentation for your eBook and uploading to slideshare is also an efficient way to promote your eBook as your book is given a relatively higher exposure here. Feel free to add the download link of your eBook together with the links of your Facebook and personal website to the presentation. Attractive pics and ingenious design is bound to draw more readers for you!

Maybe you can learn something from Otis Ritch!

promote eBooks - presentation

The key to promoting eBooks is to make more people have access to the link of your book. Seize every chance to promote and you will necessarily benefit from them!

Guest Post by AdaWang: Ada Wang works for Epubor, which delivers eBook-related solutions to customers. In the meantime, she writes articles concerning eBooks, eReaders and popular electronic gadgets for eBookConverter.

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