Dec 7, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4

It has a 5 inch screen and full HD resolution seems to have become a trend for today’s smartphones. It is evident that almost all vendors are producing top class smartphone with a 5 inch screen and has full HD resoluasi, such as the New HTC Droid DNA.

Looks like samsung do not want to miss for the co-produced smartphone with 5-inch screen and full HD resolution. According to rumors the latest smartphone that will be the next flagship Samsung Galaxy S IV. Samsung Galaxy S4 With Super Display SUPER AMOLED type, 5-inch screen with full HD 1080p resolution, and has a density of 441 ppi.

Further mentioned that Samsung will unveil the Samsung Galaxy S4 With Super Display at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January next year. Rumors related to Samsung Galaxy S4 With Super Display is being much talked about, but the Samsung is still not willing to comment on the rumors related to the candidate’s superior.

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mahi kashyap said...

Now just looking to get it.......