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Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, Grand Duos

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, Grand Duos
Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, Grand Duos images have been leaked. Here we discuss these rumors and specs

Samsung is briskly pushing out new members to its midrange larger screen size handsets. After Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy Axiom and many others, the Korean firm is about to take two more new handsets into the scene. They are called the Galaxy S II Plus and Galaxy Grand Duos. Of course, as their names point to, the S II Plus is a rehash of the company’s second version Galaxy S and the latter one is a new iteration to its dual SIM handset.

Recently, some pics of the devices have leaked to the web. Tech blogs are churning out rumors about the handsets after the image leaks. Let us also join the chants over Galaxy S II Plus and Grand Duos. For sure, both the devices are some upgrades to the company’s former handsets. Hence, customers, who use the legacy handsets, may have a better inclination to get a new upgrade to their phones. Let us check each device based on the rumors about their specs and features here.

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus
The 2011’s Galaxy S II has been a nice handset. It defended Android OS in its grave war over Apple iOS last year. In other words, the S II fought off handsets like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S for Android. Of course, there is no surprise in Samsung’s decision to roll out a plus version to the S II. The company has a tradition of bringing out plus versions for other devices also in the past.

Indeed, the S II Plus may grab good attraction among mobile users. It may come out with almost the same specs, but there will be some additional features, however. Anyway, here let us try to see what differences the Plus will have from its original. As per reports, S II Plus (I9105) is to sport the same 4.3-inch (WVGA) display, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and connectivity features of the its original.

But, where it may mainly differ (that we can say right now) will be in its firmware. The new S II version will be coming with the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Further, the device may have a better battery and a more powerful CPU. Samsung will be selling Galaxy S II Plus to the customers, who don’t like the current Galaxy S III or the upcoming S IV or afford the high-end phones. So it might be a low-priced handset.

Galaxy Grand Duos
Apart from the S II Plus, the Grand Duos is to resemble the new Galaxy S III in form factor, reveals the leaked image. The phone, as its title itself suggests, will be a dual SIM one. You can use two SIM cards of different carriers simultaneously. It will help you manage your calls and data usage in a way that will save you some extra bucks.

The Galaxy Grand Duos (GT-I9082) is hoped to mount a 4.5-in screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It may have an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. “As you may have guessed, the Duos part of the name indicates that this is a dual-SIM device,” says GSMArena. Of course, it may also be a budget handset with the latest Android version and other advanced features.

Samsung is yet to confirm the devices. There have been rumors about the handsets for a while. Now, images are leaked by some Chinese sources. Well, it is enough to conclude that the Korean tech maker is working with these handsets. Anyway, the Galaxy S II Plus and Grand Duos are going to be decent handsets with many advanced features and low price. They may be coming to different markets or to the entire world.

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