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Nokia Lumia 920 incompatible with India’s 4G network

Nokia Lumia 920 incompatible with India’s 4G network
Nokia Lumia 920, the Finnish manufacturer's flagship phone, will not work on India's 4G network, even though the version headed to this country will support 9 LTE bands. The website of Nokia India lists the bands that the device will work on, including LTE bandwidths. The list does not name LTE 2300 bandwidth, which is the standard in India, even though the smartphone will work on LTE 2100 and LTE 2600 networks.

This means that buyers of the device in the country will not be able to enjoy ultrafast download speeds on mobile networks on their Lumia 920. Nokia India has confirmed that the listing on site is correct, thus ruling out all possibilities of 4G in the country. However, this may not be a major issue for most prospective buyers in the country since 4G is so far available in only a few cities and even 3G is trying to catch up.

In India and China, Time Division Duplex (TDD) network is used for LTE. However, it is not a commonly used format and most manufacturers do not make phones meant for it. As of now, Huawei Ascend P1 remains the only smartphone compatible with Indian LTE band.

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