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LG announces magic remote which could receive voice commands

LG announces magic remote which could receive voice commands
LG Electronics has announced that it will be announcing the new magic remote before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January next year. This all new magic remote will work with the LG range of Cinema 3D Smart TVs.

This remote control will also include enhanced voice and language recognition capabilities, so that the user can search, dictate and do Internet search with voice only.

This new remote also will define “a simple way of controlling Smart TV for the most convenient and advanced user experience” says the company. The remote control works in four modes of point, wheel, gesture and voice.

This Magic Remote will feature sophisticated voice control technology which makes issuing verbal command to the TV effective. The Natural Language Recognition software with the remote makes it easy to send out voice commands like your regular speech as you do in conversational manner.

The company has posted a list of videos on the on the magic remote on YouTube. You can watch a video here. The remote is simple and easy to pair with the TV. All you have to do is to point your remote toward the TV and press the OK button or the wheel.

CEO of LG electronics, Havis Kwon, has said “the device already has impressive features but he improved version now can recognize language accurately and gesture, point and wheel options make the device unique among all other competitors”.

The remote is expected to be announced few days before the CES 2013. The company is touting this to be the most complete universal remote. LG has already announced 7 new Google TV sets in 5 different screen sizes during the CES 2013.
LG announces magic remote which could receive voice commands

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