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Facebook for BalackBerry updated with new look, features

Facebook for BalackBerry updated with new look, features
RIM has updated the Facebook for BlackBerry app to version 3.3, which includes a new look and a variety of new features. The changes are designed to improve the use of Facebook on BlackBerry devices while allowing users to more seamlessly blend the social network with BBM. The app is available now from BlackBerry World.

First up is BlackBerry Messenger integration, which allows users to find their Messenger friends and initiate a chat via Facebook. If you’re keen to find out which Facebook friends are also using BlackBerry Messenger, you can share your PIN via your Facebook wall. Users can then invite BBM-using friends on their Facebook to join them on BlackBerry Messenger.

Unfriending Facebook friends is easier now, as well, with the new app version allowing users to unfriend via Facebook for BlackBerry. Overall, this combination of new features and BlackBerry Messenger integration allows BB users to combine the best of both worlds, maximizing their BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook accounts while merging the best features from both together.

As for the new look, you’ll find revamped icons and other goodies. Version 3.3 of Facebook for BlackBerry allows users to view images faster and at a higher resolution than previously supported. BB users can toggle between full-size and thumbnail views of photos, and can now download them to the BlackBerry handset for later use.

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