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ThoughtWorks and Hoppr bring ‘Rails Girls‘ to India

Following the phenomenal success across Helsinki, Shanghai,  Singapore, Brazil, Australia  and  USA, global IT consultancy ThoughtWorks and Hoppr - mobile device-agnostic location based service provider,will be hosting the first India edition of Rails Girls" next month at ThoughtWorks Technologies' office in Gurgaon.

Started in Helsinki in 2010, Rails Girls is a global, non-profit volunteer community which aims to help aspiring women techies to build their ideas using technology.

Rails for Girls is a day-long Ruby on Rails (a dynamic programming language that offers an ideal development environment for practitioners), workshop for absolute beginners in programming and web development, and the participants will dive into the magical world of designing, prototyping and coding.

This event concept uses the Rails platform to achieve learning through a fun and interactive workshop-like environment, led by experienced coaches. The participants will get an understanding of how web development works and then get to apply this knowledge to ideate and build on their thoughts.

Srihari Srinivasan, head, technology, ThoughtWorks India, said, "The continuing evolution of the internet and of the post-PC devices we find ourselves using today has made technology so much more palpable within our everyday lives. This combination also presents many different kinds of opportunities. Opportunities, that in addition to helping you master the nuances of technology platforms, also help you go through the complete experience of turning your ideas into real working applications."

"Rails Girls gives us the opportunity to reach out to the community of practicing women programmers in India. We look forward to sharing our RoR experiences, and also helping them quickly build on their ideas on this platform."

The workshop is open to women of all age groups with a basic knowledge of working with a computer and does not require previous programming skills.

The differentiating factor of this workshop is that it's not just limited to women who are already in technology, but is targeted at women who are interested in technology, irrespective of their professional or academic background.

Interested men can also attend, if accompanied by a female participant.

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