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Skill gap is worrying IT product companies: Survey

Only 2.68% engineers of the five lakh India produces annually meet the skill requirements of the IT products sector, according to a survey by employability assessment firm Aspiring Minds. 

The national employability survey on engineering graduates by the firm states that nearly 92% of engineering graduates lack computer programming and algorithms skill required for IT product companies whereas 56% show lack of soft skills and cognitive skills. 

Aspiring Minds used proprietary aptitude, language agnostic programming assessments and simulated programming assessments to assess over 55,000 engineers for the study. The study shares figures and analysis for employability of engineering graduates in the products sector. 

"There is a clear and measurable distinction between the talent required to develop IT products vis-a-vis typical IT Services talent. While we observe employable talent is spread across all kinds of colleges, building India's prowess in IT Product would require significant focus and investment in training and evaluating students in core technology," Himanshu Aggarwal, CEO, Aspiring Minds said in a statement. 

The top cities with regards to percentage of employable talent in IT Product sector were Delhi at 10.91%, Kolkata at 4.51% followed by Bengaluru at 2.93%. 

The research also analysed the employability of candidates coming out of colleges in metro cities, in comparison to those in non metro cities citing a 12% fall in employability from metros to non-metros.

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