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AWPL launches web version of its Document Capture software

AWPL, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to the Financial Services Sector, announced the launch of the Web version of its seamless Document Capture Software.

Enabling an enterprise with cutting edge document management solutions has been AWPL's forte. Document management is integral for transformation as it is the starting point for reducing paper involvement in business processes. Talking about document management, it is very essential for every large organization, especially those dealing with financial transactions, to maintain high traceability of every document that enters the system. All this starts from the need of having a paperless business process that will render error free processing, reduced physical document movement and mitigated risks around customer information leak. More so, with financial organizations growing due to a expanding customer base, it becomes critical to have all form of paper scanned and stored in a repository that can be accessed across geographies. 

The conception of a web based document capture solution was definitely the answer. AWPL's Director of Business Consulting, Mr. Amitabh Poddar said, "Enabling enterprise class document capture solutions is a requisite in present day business needs. Enabling an organization with round the clock accessibility to digitize your paper at the source of origination is a leap forward for the industry. Dotsphere Web Capture transforms the way organizations can plan around managing paper inflow from outside world to its central and branch offices and within its departments. We are certain financial service providers that operate across various locations will benefit from this solution by extending this capability to their staff, partners, distributors and clients. Simply put it means more results from sales campaigns where subject matter experts are no longer required at the campaign site to approve a loan or issue a policy."

Dotsphere Capture Web Module is user-friendly application software that maximizes the intranet and/or internet based application delivery. One, it is easily to manage therefore cost effective and two, does not require any pre-installation or knowledge of configuring the application on the workstation where scanning will happen. This ensures business can actually reach the maturity of on-demand scan.

Dotsphere Capture Web Module has evolved from AWPL's winning document capture product, Dotshere Capture thus proving it to be a noteworthy solution for large Financial Institutions looking for diverse document management over their networks.

About AWPL

AWPL is a specialist organization providing Business Process Automation and Optimization solutions exclusively to Insurance, Banking and Financial sectors. We have successfully transformed organizations of varied nature and magnitude. From front-desk customer service operations to back-office processes, we cover it all. 

Our service portfolio includes Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Intelligence (BI).

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