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Nikon P510 Review

Nikon P510 Review
When it comes to optical magnification, the P510 is king with its whopping 42x zoom. In comparison, most entry-level DSLRs, when paired with a standard telephoto lens, have a zoom that ranges between 15x and 18x. Besides, this shooter boasts of performance that matches its specs.

That said, the P510's user interface is standard affair; not as exhaustive and full of features as that of the Sony HX200V. Still, it covers the basics like auto mode, scene selector, program modes, etc.

If you're looking for maximum zoom, the P510 is the camera for you - ideal for a person who loves adventure holidays and the great outdoors.

What we like
The zoom! If you are used to point-and-shoot cameras, you will be amazed with the reach that the P510 allows you. And what's more, the extra zoom also helps in getting amazingdefocused/soft backgrounds when clicking portrait shoots.

The image quality is mostly good, even at the high-end of the focal range. Colours are rendered accurately, with lots of detail and the right amount of exposure. In video mode, the camera captures audio in stereo, and also allows you to take advantage of its full optical zoom. It picks some faint sounds from the lens movement, but this is not a deal-breaker.

What we don't like
The P510 is built using glossy plastic and that feels cheap. Also, for its size, the camera is pretty light, something that doesn't inspire confidence in its build quality.

The performance in low-light conditions leaves much to be desired. The shooter is slow to acquire focus, and pictures have lots of noise or grain in them. In cases where its flash is used, the camera tends to underexpose the pictures. In short, low light photography is the P510's Achilles heel. Focus is slow to latch on during videos. This means if you zoom to pan in and out, there could be moments when your subjects will not be in focus.

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