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Canon SX260HS Review

Canon SX260HS  Review
SX260HS is a pint-size camera, but it still packs in a lens that can provide up to 20x zoom. And while it was the only device in this shootout that did not have a viewfinder, it still performed solidly making it an ideal buy for anyone looking to get lots of zoom without sacrificing on portability.

What we like 
For an ultra-compact camera, SX260HS is fast. It acquires focus in a snap, and duration between shots is virtually non-existent in well-lit conditions.

Barring the pictures shot in extreme low-light, the SX260HS snaps excellent photos even at the high-end of its zoom. The pictures have lots of details and look sharp and clear. Its small size is an advantage, making it an ideal travel camera.

What we don't like 
The quality of movies made indoors is average, with visible noise. Also, the camera picks up audio from the lens mechanics while zooming in and out. Battery life is below average with the camera lasting for around 200 shots on full charge.

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