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The Top 5 iPad Apps for Bloggers Today

The popularity of Apple’s iPad has peaked high in the previous year and with the hundreds of new applications being made each week, it can be difficult for bloggers to keep up with the latest and ideal apps that they need for blogging. Having the right kind of apps are important for online writers, especially if they are using an iPad for this purpose. In this article, we will be discussing about the top time efficient and beneficial iPad applications that will prove useful for bloggers. These selections can be easily downloaded from the iPad app store.

1. Things
This application is a task manager that will let users quickly and easily manage their information and blogs. Things make it possible for users to multi-task while they are tracking down each one of their blogs at the same time. The app is easy to use and comes at a fair price as well.

2. WordPress
Bloggers that are already used to utilizing WordPress will find this app very useful for them. The app will let users enjoy writing, publishing and moderating their blogs at anytime and anywhere with just a few taps of their finger. It is easy to create blogs with the large screen of the iPad, especially if the blogger is good in editing. What makes this app very good is that it is completely free to download from the Internet.

3. BlogPress
Just like the WordPress application, this program is made to easily create, share and publish blogs online. Some of its cool features include quick YouTube integration, photo sharing and HTML inserts. Blog posting and editing can be done just about anywhere with this tool. BlogPress is simple to use and comes at a great price of only $2.99. One more advantage of this app is that it is universal and can be used even by an iPhone.

4. Evernote
Being one of the most popular downloads; this app is free and offers a wide range of features for bloggers. Users that own an iPhone or iPod may have heard of this app already, as it is being offered in these devices. People can enjoy the ability to write new content quickly, gather data, sort them out and even utilize tags. Audio notes can also be made aside from just text.

5. Pingdom
Those bloggers that are relying on their constant traffic for revenue or publicity would really like to know whenever their blog goes down. Pingdom has been made for this purpose. Just as a blog goes down, the blog creator will be notified by the app immediately. With the monitoring ease and notifications, the bloggers can be sure that their blog is functional and that their revenue is still accumulating.

Author Bio:
Judene Macariola is a writer on technology, the Internet and the business world at Broadband Expert. Jude spends his free time researching about the latest trends on his favorite topics.

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