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Microsoft Shows Off First Surface Tablet Ad

As the date of its launch nears, Microsoft has unveiled a new advert for its Surface range of tablets. Shown in funky colours, the clip flaunts its unique features such as the detachable keyboard and the kickstand. The energetic commercial features music and  dance that could be worth checking out. It does look like the software giant is ready to take on the established players this time round. Take a look:

The slates with 10.6" screens will be available in various flavours. The ARM-powered version will be known as Surface and will run Windows RT, while the Intel CPU based variant will run Windows 8 Professional and will be called Surface Pro. The keyboard is accommodated in a 5mm thick snap-on cover similar to the one that comes with the iPad, but the latter doesn't have a keyboard. The kickstand allows the tablet to be placed in an upright position while being used with the keyboard similar to a notebook. Available in magnesium casings called VaporMg, the Surface tablets will come with 32, 64, or 128 GB of SSD-based internal storage and will also have MS Office 15 bundled along. The launch date is 26th October, which is the same at that of Windows 8 OS for desktop and tablet PCs.

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