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Microsoft announces Windows 8 App Fest in India

Microsoft announces Windows 8 App Fest in India
Microsoft India has announced the world's largest App Fest for Windows 8, which kicks off on September 21-22, 2012 at the KTPO, Bangalore and is open to the global developer community. This 18-hour-long coding event is a non-stop software jam where developers will design, build, test and submit apps. Microsoft's on-site staff will be available to assist the developers participating in the event with preparing their apps for eventual submission to the Windows Store.

Developers will have the option of submitting Apps in over 20 categories, ranging from food,finance productivity, books, social, photo, music and video and shopping. The Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Microsoft Windows 8will be made available to developers attending the App Fest for Windows 8. The participants can bring a team of up to 4 people to build the apps.

Bhaskar Pramanik, chairman, Microsoft India said, "The AppFest will be a memorable and unique opportunity to mingle with Microsoft engineers, programming specialists, trainers, and industry-recognised app developers to drive innovation globally."

Windows 8 provides an opportunity to shape the apps ecosystem around an operating system across multiple devices and hardware formats, giving developers the chance to maximise revenue with little or no tweaking. Windows 8 works seamlessly across multiple coding languages and devices, thereby making it a very flexible base to build on.

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