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WhatsApp: 10 billion messages exchanged in a day

WhatsApp: 10 billion messages exchanged in a day
WhatsApp, the popular messaging app for various smartphones, has achieved a new record with a total ten billion messages sent and received in one day.

People behind the app disclosed the news this week on Twitter.

"New daily record: 4B inbound, 6B outbound = 10b total messages a day!"," its creators tweeted.

WhatsApp, which is called 'text message killer' offers different features such as the ability to share photos, videos and audio notes, The Telegraph reports.

People download the app, scan their address book to see which friends are already signed up and invite others to join WhatsApp via a message sent through the service.

According to a report by The Next Web, the American company says it is not an " SMS killer".

Instead it refers to itself as a "drug to get people hooked on data plans".

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